Youth Bowling Council

In the mid 70’s an extension of the YBC Program allowed youth bowlers aged 18 to 27 to compete in the YBC Majors and allowed them to compete for cash prizes.

In 1963, a program named the Youth Bowling Council was organized for young bowlers under the age of 19 as of Dec 31st.

The AIM was to provide an interesting program that would encourage more youngsters to participate in the various games of bowling. A series of tournaments and championships was arranged that would be both interesting and a challenge to all youth bowlers, regardless of their skill levels. This has now evolved into a program that encourages adult bowlers to take a greater interest in youth bowlers

The YBC Program started in British Columbia in 1963 with less than 7,000 kids enrolled all across Canada. In 1965 there was approximately 1,500 kids enrolled in the YBC Program here in British Columbia. The increase in five pin popularity for kids came at a rapid pace. In 1973 there was over 60,000 kids enrolled in the program Nationally and 15,000 kids here in British Columbia. A number of Bowling Centres in B.C. had in excess of 400 kids bowling in their YBC Programs throughout the week. The first National YBC Championship was held in Vancouver, BC., with singles particpantes only. In later years team events were added to the National Championships

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