You hear about all the benefits associated with exercising regularly or participating in popular sports, but there’s not much said about how bowling can help you both physically and mentally. To shed some light on the wonders of bowling, here’s how bowling can improve your quality of life.

It Burns Calories
There’s a lot of walking back and forth when you’re bowling, from the seated area to your lane and back again who knows how many times. The average bowler can walk up to 60 feet per game, which totals over half a mile of walking during a three-game series. Within one hour, you can end up burning 175 to 300 calories, a number that’s equivalent to 25 minutes of consistently jumping rope.

It Will Strengthen Your Muscles
On average, bowlers carry around a 14-pound bowling ball. Repeatedly swinging 14 pounds will strengthen your shoulders, chest, arms and legs, if you’re a frequent bowler. Keeping a tight grip on your bowling ball will also strengthen the muscles within your hands. One standard three-game series will have you swinging the ball over 50 times.

Bowling Improves Your Social Skills
Bowling is an incredibly social sport, one that would be tirelessly boring if no one spoke throughout the entire match. When it’s not your turn to bowl, you’ll likely be sitting back with the rest of your team, conversing about the game or other life events. Not only is socializing good for your mental health, but psychological studies have shown that those who socialize more have a stronger immune system and are less likely to experience depression.

It Helps With Hand-Eye Coordination
The whole point of bowling is to take down as many pins as possible in one go. However, that’s a pretty difficult job, seeing as the pins are set up almost 60 feet away from the lane’s starting point. It takes a lot of hand-eye coordination to through the ball down a bowling alley and hit those pins, whether you’re going for a strike or just trying to hit the last pin standing.

It Improves Balance
Throwing a 14-pound ball with one hand can throw your balance off quite a bit, especially if you have poor balance to begin with. Carrying that extra weight on your upper body will offset your lower half, but through repeated practice, you’ll not only be able to balance better when bowling, but you’ll also improve your overall posture.

Any Age can Enjoy it
Bowling isn’t a sport that’s restrictive when it comes to age, as younger children to senior citizens can participate in the game, even on a professional level. There isn’t a large risk of getting injured, not when compared to other, more high-intensity sports. This reality alone is what makes bowling a popular sport among older generations. This works to make all players feel included and encouraged to try something new without fear of judgment or rejection.

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