So your friend, family member or loved one is into bowling and you want to get them the perfect gift so they can hit the bowling alley in style? Then this is the guide for you, as we’ll be going through the best gifts for an avid bowler.

Bowling Ball

This is the perfect gift for a bowler since they obviously need a ball to do what they love. However, there are a few things you need to know before going out to buy one for someone else. You’ll need to know that bowling weight they’re comfortable using, which brands they prefer and the type of bowling ball they want. To make sure you get the most accurate fit for them, you’ll have to do some detective work while trying to keep your intentions a secret.

Bowling Bag

Gifting someone a bowling ball bag will suit whatever bowling level they may be. Whether they’re just getting started or have been bowling for decades, every bowler could use one of these. The only details you’ll need to know before purchasing one is the number of bowling balls the recipient owns. You wouldn’t want to get them one that holds just one bowling ball when they own two or three. You can get bowling bags that hold up to six balls, although the most common types are three ball roller bags. Pick whichever one you think will best suit the recipient.

Bowling Ball Cleaner

Having a good bowling ball cleaner is an essential item for avid bowlers. Not only will it keep their ball looking shiny and new, but it will also prolong its life. No one wants to buy a new bowling ball sooner than necessary, so help them out by getting them this inexpensive gift.

Bowling Towel

This gift would make a great stocking stuffer or secret Santa present. They’re pretty affordable and something that every avid bowler needs. What else are they going to use to wipe oil off of their bowling ball? This is also something you likely wouldn’t buy for yourself, so make someone’s day with a brand new bowling ball towel.

Bowling Shoes

Maybe your fellow bowler has a pair of old, worn-down bowling shoes, or maybe they don’t have any at all. Whatever the case may be, consider grabbing them a pair of bowling shoes. Purchasing them might be difficult, however. You’ll need to know their shoe size as well as what bowling level they are. As various levels require different types of shoes, this is probably a better gift for someone who’s a beginner.

Bowling Shoe Covers

So your bowling buddy already has a pair of top-notch bowling shoes? Not to worry, get them shoe covers instead! This is an inexpensive option that will protect their shoes from dirt, dust collection, spills or any other unfortunate accidents off the bowling lane. Help them protect their investment in this thoughtful manner.

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