Certain aspects of the game of bowling are taken for granted by longtime or professional bowlers. There are just some things casual bowlers don’t know about the sport, from the importance of choosing the right equipment to game-improving strategies. Here are five important things you should know about bowling.

Choosing Your Bowling Ball
If you’re a recreational bowler just looking to have a fun Friday night out with friends, then you don’t have to worry about which bowling ball to use. The bowling alley will have a wide assortment of balls available for you to choose from. However, if you’re serious about the art of bowling, then you’ll need to obtain your own bowling ball. To choose the best one for you, determine the ideal weight, outer surface of the ball and drill patterns that will best improve your game.

The Cover Stocks
The outer surface of any bowling ball is called the cover stock, and there are various kinds to choose from. Each stock design has a different purpose, and many professionals build up their collection so they’re prepared for any bowling situation. You’ll need to consider the pros and cons of reactive resin, urethane and plastic cover stocks before making any decisions. Plastic cover stocks are designed to go straight, urethane is more durable and creates an easier hook. While reactive resin is the least durable choice, it has more hook potential as well as pin action.

Holding the Bowling Ball
Once you’ve found the right ball for you, you’ll need to figure out the best way to hold it. If you don’t have a good grip when holding or throwing your bowling ball, you can easily injure yourself. While there are numerous ways to grip the bowling ball, every one of them starts with the middle and ring finger of your dominant hand being placed in the top two holes with your thumb sitting in the lower one.

Why You Need Bowling Shoes
It’s a common assumption that bowling shoes are a scam run by the bowling alley to make some extra money. However, that’s not the case as bowling shoes are crucial to both the maintenance of the bowling lanes as well as your own safety. As the bowler’s last step is technically a slide when releasing the ball, bowling shoes allow for this slide to happen without fault. They also keep debris and other dirt off the lanes during a game.

Numbering the Bowling Pins
No matter which bowling alley you decide to go to, you’ll find that the pins are all numbered from one to ten and set to stand together in a triangle. It’s important to know about the pin rack, as many splits and leaves are referred to by number, like the 7-10 split. This method provides bowlers with a better understanding of the overall goal to knock down pins.

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