The Open Championships

The Open, as we know it today, has gone through many changes over the years and I have tried to put something together from bits and pieces of information. The “Open” originated from what was known as the Western Canada Championships. The Western Canada Championships started in 1953 with numerous teams from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario competing for the Western Canada Championships. Eastern Canada had thier own Championships. In 1978 Canada saw it’s first Nation-wide Championships where representation from all Provinces across Canada competed for the “Carling O’Keefe National Championships”.

Bowl BC

The first 6 years of the National event was represented by two contingents from each Province. There was an “Open” and a “Classic” team for Mens. Ladies and Mixed Teams with singles being represented by the “Open” division only. The “Open” contingent was an all scratch event while the “Classic” contingent represented the handicap division. In 1982 the “Classic” contingent was abolished and a new event formed, called the “Carling O’Keefe Classic Sun Bowl”. Over the years Carling O’Keefe was a major sponsor of the event and since then new sponsors have replaced the Nation-Wide Brewery. The “Open” today has representation from all across Canada and is based on team and individual match play.

B.C. Provincial & National Open Team Champions with pics.

B.C. Provincial & National Open Singles Champions with pics.

National Open Championships team and individual records.