Master Bowlers Association

Bowl BC

The First Provincial Master Bowlers Association was formed in Ontario in 1964 and shortly after the other Provinces formed their own Master’s Associations. The Tournament Division saw its first organzied Canadian Championship in 1968 being represented by Singles only. In 1973 Tournament Division Mens & Ladies Teams were added to the competition. In 1977 the National Events added Teaching Masters for both Singles and Team Events.

In 1974 there was 200 Tournament Masters and over 400 registered Teaching Masters. Membership in the Tournament Masters required a Man to hold an average of 235 or better and a Lady to carry an average of 220 or better. In later years the averages were reduced to 230 for a Man and 215 for a Woman to be a Member of the Tournament Masters. The Teaching Division is open to all registered Teaching Masters and is based on a Pins-Over- Average concept. In later years a Senior Masters Division was added due to the overwhelming number of “experienced” bowlers.

Some of B.C.’s Master’s National Champions

Bowl BC

1975 Mens Team

Back Row – Wayne Davies, Jim Turner, Ray Walz,
Front – Ron McLellan, Bob Carter