Youth Doubles – 10 Pin

The Youth Doubles Tournament consists of a league round that will run February 1 to 28, 2019 with the zone finals being held on March 16 or 17, 2019.

Each bowling centre may advance an unlimited number of doubles teams in each of the 3 age categories (bantam, junior and senior) to the zone finals.

Teams consist of 2 players with the highest average bowler in a league being teamed up with the lowest average bowler, the second highest average bowler being teams up with the second lowest average bowler, and so on, until every bowlers has a partner.

This event is a doubles beat-your-average tournament. The team that advances is the one that bowls the most pins over a previously established league average. It is generally referred to as a high-low doubles tournament.

For results from the 2019 Zone/Provincial Finals – Click Here