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Bowling Tips to Improve Your Game

Bowling Tips to Improve Your Game

Bowling is one of the most family-friendly sports. A healthy child can start bowling from the age of 4 – 5. Bowling can be enjoyed as a social sport any time of the year. Just round-up your friends and bond over bowling pins, scores and strikes. For those who are socially shy, this is the perfect game to break the ice. There are no conversations required. Simply join in, share laughs between strikes and a spirited game that you can talk about for days, until the next game.

Ten-pin bowling stimulates the mind in various ways. It helps you focus, stay alert and make math enjoyable. Like all other games, it’s more fun when you start winning more often. Of course, practice makes perfect but there are a few ways to get the edge faster. Check these tips and get on a winning spree.

Heavy Bowling Ball

The right bowling ball makes a big difference in your game. It needs to fit your hand snugly and feel heavy for a good throw, accurate throw. Make sure it is a high-quality ball with a good straight roll. Lighter balls are harder to aim straight.

Practice in a League

It helps to join a league that allows you regular practice with other bowling enthusiasts for you to improve your game. Practice makes perfect, you must have heard. But the trick is to practice with players in a group who have a good mix of skills. This way, you bond with the players who are on the same level as you and learn from the ones who are better. Take time off from your daily activities to play regularly with your league. Don’t be afraid to try new techniques or test a new ball.

Focus on Spares

Don’t feel pressured to take all of the pins down at once. Picking up spares when practicing prepares you for the big strike later. It will help you score higher as well. As you practice, you are bound to get better in your technique and improve your scores.

Train with a Bowling Coach

If you are serious about your game and think you were born to excel, hire a bowling coach to get better, faster. This way, you will master the right techniques in no time, bowl with style and win effortlessly. A bowling coach will familiarize you about techniques that you never considered before, such as reading the oil conditions of the lanes.

Bowl B.C.

Whether you want a casual game with friends or looking to improve your technique, Bowl B.C. is the place for you. We are open to everyone of all ages and all skill levels, offering programs and services at our member centres, complete with bowlers, coaches, officials and volunteers to help deliver competitive and recreational bowling to all British Columbians. Have a look at our website to find out more about membership and coaching classes.

How Bowling Helps to Improve Mental and Physical health

How Bowling Helps to Improve Mental and Physical health

You hear about all the benefits associated with exercising regularly or participating in popular sports, but there’s not much said about how bowling can help you both physically and mentally. To shed some light on the wonders of bowling, here’s how bowling can improve your quality of life.

It Burns Calories
There’s a lot of walking back and forth when you’re bowling, from the seated area to your lane and back again who knows how many times. The average bowler can walk up to 60 feet per game, which totals over half a mile of walking during a three-game series. Within one hour, you can end up burning 175 to 300 calories, a number that’s equivalent to 25 minutes of consistently jumping rope.

It Will Strengthen Your Muscles
On average, bowlers carry around a 14-pound bowling ball. Repeatedly swinging 14 pounds will strengthen your shoulders, chest, arms and legs, if you’re a frequent bowler. Keeping a tight grip on your bowling ball will also strengthen the muscles within your hands. One standard three-game series will have you swinging the ball over 50 times.

Bowling Improves Your Social Skills
Bowling is an incredibly social sport, one that would be tirelessly boring if no one spoke throughout the entire match. When it’s not your turn to bowl, you’ll likely be sitting back with the rest of your team, conversing about the game or other life events. Not only is socializing good for your mental health, but psychological studies have shown that those who socialize more have a stronger immune system and are less likely to experience depression.

It Helps With Hand-Eye Coordination
The whole point of bowling is to take down as many pins as possible in one go. However, that’s a pretty difficult job, seeing as the pins are set up almost 60 feet away from the lane’s starting point. It takes a lot of hand-eye coordination to through the ball down a bowling alley and hit those pins, whether you’re going for a strike or just trying to hit the last pin standing.

It Improves Balance
Throwing a 14-pound ball with one hand can throw your balance off quite a bit, especially if you have poor balance to begin with. Carrying that extra weight on your upper body will offset your lower half, but through repeated practice, you’ll not only be able to balance better when bowling, but you’ll also improve your overall posture.

Any Age can Enjoy it
Bowling isn’t a sport that’s restrictive when it comes to age, as younger children to senior citizens can participate in the game, even on a professional level. There isn’t a large risk of getting injured, not when compared to other, more high-intensity sports. This reality alone is what makes bowling a popular sport among older generations. This works to make all players feel included and encouraged to try something new without fear of judgment or rejection.

At Bowl BC, we host a variety of bowling tournaments for all ages. As Vancouver’s top bowling alley, we have locations across the province, all staffed with friendly and helpful team members. For more information about adult bowling programs, leagues and more, be sure to visit our website today!

Bowling Checklist

Bowling Checklist

There are many games that you can enjoy with your friends and family. One of the best ones is bowling. Bowling is a sport that is enjoyed by all age groups. Whether it is playing for fun or competition between a couple of groups, bowling always makes for a nice way to de-stress and enjoy a game full of competition and laughter. However, just like any other sport, bowling too has its own set of risks and rules that one needs to be aware of. Here are the top things you need to know about bowling:

  • Choosing the right sized ball is the most critical part of your fun. If the ball is too heavy, you risk injury to your fingers and hands or can also slip on the bowling alley. Find a ball that you can comfortably carry in terms of weight and throw.
  • Most bowling alleys provide shoes for bowling. These are a special kind of shoes that help you to evade skidding and slipping on the alley.
  • Your bowling practice sessions help you to get a feel of the game, even before playing the game. Make sure to take your practice sessions seriously and always stay positive about the game.
  • When bowling, it is important to throw the ball from the exact same starting position every time when you are throwing the first ball of every frame. This helps you to keep your consistency and adjust your force.
  • You may not realize this but timing plays an important role in any bowler’s game. Each step of your foot must ideally match with a specific component of your arm swing and release.
  • To prevent twisting and turning of your wrist, remember to keep your hand and wrist strong all through the entire shot for the best results.
  • In case you throw a hook, make sure to turn your hand and wrist as the ball comes forward from your backswing. For a straight ball, you would want to keep your hand and wrist straight all through your release.
  • You can finish your shot by throwing the ball down the lane as soon as it passes your ankle. To complete the shot bring up your arm at least to shoulder height.
  • You should keep your hand either in the handshake position or palm up, as per your throwing position.

When it comes to staying ahead of your game knowing a few tips and tricks can help you to structure your performance and win the game. Typically, an ideal bowling ball speed is 16 miles per hour. There are marks on the lane which help to guide your ball right into the pocket. Always aim for those marks. Through practice, you are likely to find the right combination of angles, strength, and speed, which can enable you to achieve a perfect pin action and strike.

5 Bowling Secrets You Must Know

5 Bowling Secrets You Must Know

Certain aspects of the game of bowling are taken for granted by longtime or professional bowlers. There are just some things casual bowlers don’t know about the sport, from the importance of choosing the right equipment to game-improving strategies. Here are five important things you should know about bowling.

Choosing Your Bowling Ball
If you’re a recreational bowler just looking to have a fun Friday night out with friends, then you don’t have to worry about which bowling ball to use. The bowling alley will have a wide assortment of balls available for you to choose from. However, if you’re serious about the art of bowling, then you’ll need to obtain your own bowling ball. To choose the best one for you, determine the ideal weight, outer surface of the ball and drill patterns that will best improve your game.

The Cover Stocks
The outer surface of any bowling ball is called the cover stock, and there are various kinds to choose from. Each stock design has a different purpose, and many professionals build up their collection so they’re prepared for any bowling situation. You’ll need to consider the pros and cons of reactive resin, urethane and plastic cover stocks before making any decisions. Plastic cover stocks are designed to go straight, urethane is more durable and creates an easier hook. While reactive resin is the least durable choice, it has more hook potential as well as pin action.

Holding the Bowling Ball
Once you’ve found the right ball for you, you’ll need to figure out the best way to hold it. If you don’t have a good grip when holding or throwing your bowling ball, you can easily injure yourself. While there are numerous ways to grip the bowling ball, every one of them starts with the middle and ring finger of your dominant hand being placed in the top two holes with your thumb sitting in the lower one.

Why You Need Bowling Shoes
It’s a common assumption that bowling shoes are a scam run by the bowling alley to make some extra money. However, that’s not the case as bowling shoes are crucial to both the maintenance of the bowling lanes as well as your own safety. As the bowler’s last step is technically a slide when releasing the ball, bowling shoes allow for this slide to happen without fault. They also keep debris and other dirt off the lanes during a game.

Numbering the Bowling Pins
No matter which bowling alley you decide to go to, you’ll find that the pins are all numbered from one to ten and set to stand together in a triangle. It’s important to know about the pin rack, as many splits and leaves are referred to by number, like the 7-10 split. This method provides bowlers with a better understanding of the overall goal to knock down pins.

At Bowl BC, Vancouver’s top bowling alley with locations across the province, you’ll find friendly and helpful staff members wherever you go. With bowling tournaments for all ages and a variety of adult bowling programs, visit our website for more information.

Great Bowling Gifts

Great Bowling Gifts

So your friend, family member or loved one is into bowling and you want to get them the perfect gift so they can hit the bowling alley in style? Then this is the guide for you, as we’ll be going through the best gifts for an avid bowler.

Bowling Ball

This is the perfect gift for a bowler since they obviously need a ball to do what they love. However, there are a few things you need to know before going out to buy one for someone else. You’ll need to know that bowling weight they’re comfortable using, which brands they prefer and the type of bowling ball they want. To make sure you get the most accurate fit for them, you’ll have to do some detective work while trying to keep your intentions a secret.

Bowling Bag

Gifting someone a bowling ball bag will suit whatever bowling level they may be. Whether they’re just getting started or have been bowling for decades, every bowler could use one of these. The only details you’ll need to know before purchasing one is the number of bowling balls the recipient owns. You wouldn’t want to get them one that holds just one bowling ball when they own two or three. You can get bowling bags that hold up to six balls, although the most common types are three ball roller bags. Pick whichever one you think will best suit the recipient.

Bowling Ball Cleaner

Having a good bowling ball cleaner is an essential item for avid bowlers. Not only will it keep their ball looking shiny and new, but it will also prolong its life. No one wants to buy a new bowling ball sooner than necessary, so help them out by getting them this inexpensive gift.

Bowling Towel

This gift would make a great stocking stuffer or secret Santa present. They’re pretty affordable and something that every avid bowler needs. What else are they going to use to wipe oil off of their bowling ball? This is also something you likely wouldn’t buy for yourself, so make someone’s day with a brand new bowling ball towel.

Bowling Shoes

Maybe your fellow bowler has a pair of old, worn-down bowling shoes, or maybe they don’t have any at all. Whatever the case may be, consider grabbing them a pair of bowling shoes. Purchasing them might be difficult, however. You’ll need to know their shoe size as well as what bowling level they are. As various levels require different types of shoes, this is probably a better gift for someone who’s a beginner.

Bowling Shoe Covers

So your bowling buddy already has a pair of top-notch bowling shoes? Not to worry, get them shoe covers instead! This is an inexpensive option that will protect their shoes from dirt, dust collection, spills or any other unfortunate accidents off the bowling lane. Help them protect their investment in this thoughtful manner.

At Bowl BC, we have bowling alleys and locations all across British Columbia. With helpful and friendly staff members, a variety of adult bowling programs and tournaments for all ages, be sure to visit our website for more information.

How to Clean a Bowling Ball

How to Clean a Bowling Ball

Bowling is an activity that does not require much maintenance. When you do decide to invest in your bowling ball, you will need to clean it from time to time to keep it in good condition. Even though bowling is an indoor sport, your ball can still get dirty. It will not get covered in mud, but it will get oil on it with every throw you take. If you let oil accumulate on your ball, it will be more challenging to generate friction on the lane and get it to hook. Because of how heavy they are, cleaning it can be a tricky task. Here are the most effective methods to keep your bowling ball in pristine condition and get the most out of it.


You will need just a few supplies to clean your bowling ball correctly. A microfiber towel and ball cleaner are all you need. You can use household cleaners you already have like window cleaner, rubbing alcohol, or even dish soap. Many professional bowlers simply use a bucket or sink filled with water and a few drops of a cleaner. Just make sure the water you use is not boiling hot, as it can break down the ball’s material or even cause it to crack.


Allowing the ball to soak in water for some time will help draw some of the oil out of the coverstock. You should also cover the holes with tape so that the ball does not become waterlogged. Remove the tape and let the ball sit for a while when done soaking. That way it will be ready to when you need to use it next. You should notice that your ball has more friction against the lane now, giving you better control of your throw.

Some bowlers swear by using their dishwasher to clean their bowling ball. If you decide to do this, make sure your dishwasher does not get too hot or risk damaging your ball.

This type of in-depth cleaning only needs to be done every few months. But, it would be best if you still gave your ball a quick wipe with a towel between shots, especially on your first throws. That way you are continually removing oil before it builds up too quickly, reducing the number of full cleanings it needs.

The frequency you will need to clean your ball will also depend on lane conditions. Since drier patterns do not have as much oil, it will take more bowls for your ball to build up oil on it.

If you simply do not have the time to clean your ball or find it worth it to pay to have it cleaned, your local pro shop should be able to take care of it for you. They will have professional equipment like rapid ball spinners, polish, and pads to get the job done quickly and effectively. Moreover, on top of cleaning your ball, they can configure their system to optimize your ball for the specific lane conditions you face the most.

Purchasing your very own bowling ball is an investment you will want to keep protected. Towelling off your ball between shots is excellent preventative maintenance, but every once in a while you should thoroughly clean it. Ask us about cleaning your bowling ball the next time you stop by Bowl BC. Our experts can also show you ways to improve your game as well.

Warm Up Tips Before Bowling

Warm Up Tips Before Bowling

You may think you do not need to warm up before a game of bowling, but you would be mistaken. Bowling involves repetitive motions and great dexterity to perform well. Excellent form and limber muscles are necessary to come out on top in a tournament or amongst your friends. Stretching before your first throw is an excellent way to loosen up the muscles in your legs and arms. You will need to launch your ball with accuracy at around 30 kilometers per hour to get the best results.


You should begin by using the sitting area to stretch your legs. Do smooth and slow stretches to work the major muscle groups in your legs. Stretch your hamstrings until your legs feel warm and stimulated. Your legs should feel relaxed since you will be bending your knees when sliding and releasing your bowling ball. Relaxed and stretched legs are less likely to become strained when you take a long stride just before the foul line.

Aerobic exercise is an effective way to be healthy and keep leg muscles strong. It involves slow and smooth stretches that can improve your footwork and give your strides better tempo. Keep your body relaxed throughout the game. Anxiety can cause tension in your muscles, which tightens them. Stiff muscles will not move as consistently as relaxed muscles.


You should incorporate similar strategies with your arm muscles. Aerobic exercises will work well with your upper body as well. Start by rolling our shoulders forwards and backwards before you begin your game. Rotate your arms one at a time, swinging them in a circular motion slowly and smoothly. Do that forwards and backwards to loosen your shoulder sockets and major muscles in your arms. This movement will get your blood flowing better before you bowl.

Extend your arm across your body while bending your other arm and resting the stretched arm on it. Do this for each arm to loosen shoulder muscles for your throw. Even though you likely throw primarily with one arm, you should still stretch both equally. You should also loosen your wrists, hands, and ankles before you begin your game – especially if it is cold outside. Cool temperatures can cause our bodies to become stiffer.

It is also a good idea to practice swinging the ball before you throwing it. You could then try doing a “mini-release” into your free hand. This quick warm-up will help you get a better feel for the ball and ensure the ball you have chosen feels comfortable.


As you start to bowl, remember to open and close your hands between rounds to keep the blood flowing in them and stretch your fingers. You should also throw your first four to five deliveries at half speed and gradually build up to full speed. That way you will develop a consistent tempo and good releasing action. Develop a pre-shot routine like the pros by stretching between shots. You will reduce your chances of injury and bowl a better game. Be just as precise with your warm-up routine as you want to be with your shots.

As with any activity, consider consulting your doctor or physician about warming up properly. If you want more pointers on how to bowl a better game, stop by Bowl BC. We have a dedicated team of bowling enthusiasts that would love to show you a trick or two.


Best Bowling Equipment

Best Bowling Equipment

Bowling has evolved little since it was first created back in 1840. The material and technology used have improved drastically, but the same equipment remains standard: shoes and a ball. Although, there are other accessories and equipment you can use to play a better game. Here is a comprehensive list of all of the equipment available to bowl:


The main reason every bowling alley insists that you wear specially made bowling shoes is for safety and performance. Bowling alley surfaces are flat and slick while the lanes are oiled. Regular shoes may stick to the floor, which can cause injuries as you build momentum to your throw. This can cause sprained ankles and other injuries.

There are also special soles on bowling shoes that allow you to slide or brake. The sliding sole enables the bowler to slide during their execution, while the braking sole provides traction to stop quickly. People who bowl frequently usually have custom shoes for hygiene and comfort purposes, but rental shoes are adequate for occasional bowlers.


Most bowling alleys provide balls to their patrons and are called house balls. Professionals will choose their own balls based on mass distribution, porosity, and surface friction, which all affect how the ball rolls once it is thrown. Casual bowlers have the option to choose a house ball of different weights depending on what feels comfortable to them.

Wrist guards

This added support for your wrist helps prevent the back of the hand throwing the bowling ball from collapsing or tilting before the roll. It limits the tilting motion of the rest allowing the bowler to achieve more consistent throws.

Finger tape

The friction resulting from releasing the ball from your fingers can sometimes cause scars or injuries. That is why some bowlers cover their fingers with tape. The tape also allows them to grip the ball better.


This helps reduce the moisture players have in their hands, improving the surface grip of the ball. The grip is an essential component of holding, swinging, and delivering the ball. The most commonly used powders are talcum or baby powder.

Elbow, wrist, ankle band

Bowling is a game with many repetitive motions, which wear down your joints over time. Some bowlers use gentle shock absorbers to reduce the chance of strain in their elbows, wrists, and ankles.

Microfibre cloth or towel

You may notice many veteran players wiping their balls after every throw. Most of the reasoning behind this move is psychological. It helps them build a routine in their throw, but there are some other minor benefits as well. Each time a ball is thrown, some of the oil from the lane collects on it. Wiping after every use helps remove some of this oil that has accumulated from the bowling lane. Collected oil on a ball could gradually decrease the friction between the bowling ball and the lane, which can cause the ball to slide rather than spin.

This list is just a compilation of the most effective equipment used by bowlers. Each bowler has their own unique tricks and equipment they pick up the more they bowl. The most important thing to keep in mind is safety when you launch the ball. Bowl BC has the pieces of equipment that are essential for bowling, which are the shoes and balls – everything else are just add-ons that you may or may not find useful. Feel free to stop by for a game, and we will make sure you have everything you need for a fun time.


Is Bowling a Good Exercise for Seniors?

Is Bowling a Good Exercise for Seniors?

Bowling is good exercise for anyone to participate in, especially senior citizens. Depending on your weight, bowling style and other factors, you could potentially burn up to 250 calories after just one hour of bowling. It’s not surprising when you consider how much walking back and forth you could do. Over the course of three games, you could walk over half a mile! Taking into account carrying around an eight-plus pound bowling ball, it’s no wonder more seniors are flocking to the sport.

Bowling, like any regular exercise, increases the player’s endurance, speeds up their metabolism and helps to maintain bone density. It’s a full body exercise: your legs absorb the energy as the bowler pushes themself forward; your core flexes in anticipation of swinging the ball; your arms control the release of whatever weighted ball works best for you.

Here are a few quick tips for seniors who are getting ready to jump on a lane or two.

The key to not straining your body while bowling is to stretch beforehand. While bowling is a much safer sport than others, there are still risks if you don’t properly prepare yourself. Stop if you become overly tired or experience soreness and pain after bowling.

The Right Ball
Take your time in testing out each weight category before picking a bowling ball. Make sure it’s a weight you’re comfortable with and can throw without straining any muscles. If you’re purchasing a bowling ball, see about having an extra hole drilled for comfort and better control.

Comfortable Shoes
Don’t be afraid to request multiple rental shoe sizes to see which one best fits you. As the lanes are slippery, you don’t want to end up falling due to ill-fitting shoes. However, if you plan on buying bowling shoes, you won’t have to worry about finding the perfect rental pair every time.

Proper Form
Senior bowlers should approach their lane with the ball at shoulder height. For added control, keep the bowling ball close to your body. Have someone monitor your form while you bowl to make sure you aren’t unnecessarily straining your body.

Maintain Speed
Concentrate on your legwork to ensure your ball rolls down the lane at a sufficient speed. Increase your stride length and walk faster as you make your way to the foul line, but slow down if you feel unbalanced at any point.

Proper Support
If you have a weak wrist or knee but love to bowl, try using a support wrap or brace whenever you go bowling, to relieve any strain.

Be Observant
Always be aware of your surrounding, especially at a bowling alley with such slippery and heavy equipment. Stay behind the foul line to avoid slipping, and don’t be afraid to ask for help from an employee.

At Bowl BC, our staff is happy to assist our customers with whatever they need. With locations all across British Columbia, we offer a variety of adult programs as well as youth and adult tournaments of all kinds. Call or visit our website bowlbc.com for more information.

Health Benefits of Bowling

Health Benefits of Bowling

If you are a casual bowler, you may not realize it, but bowling has a lot of health benefits if you bowl on a regular basis.

From an outsider’s perspective, they may just think that bowling only involves drinking and eating while taking a break every so often to roll a ball down the lane in hopes of getting a strike. Once you start taking the sport more seriously, you will start to see the many benefits that bowling has on your health. Read below to see a few of those benefits.

Great Stress Reliever

After a long day of work, there is nothing better than getting together with a group of friends to throw heavy bowling balls down a lane at some unassuming pins. Bowling allows you to catch up with old friends if you have all been busy with work and family, and just let go of all your troubles as you get into your game. You can also add some friendly competition or just laugh the night away as you toss your ball into the gutter!

Increase your Hand-Eye Coordination

If you have never gone bowling, you may not know that the sport does help you improve your hand-eye coordination and help with problem solving skills. There is a lot of strategy involved with the game as well. If you don’t get a strike on your first toss, you have to determine the best place to throw your ball from to ensure you clean up the spare. If you are left with a split, you have to figure out if you can bank your ball off a top pin to redirect it to the remaining pin(s) or if you can ricochet a pin to get a pesky corner pin to secure your spare. You hand-eye gets improved because you have to be looking down the lane while figuring out when to release the ball to make sure it goes where you want it to go.

Strengthens your Muscles

Bowling balls are heavy. You will potentially be picking one up then rolling it down the lane up to 21 times in a game. If you play more than one game, you will be working your arm out a lot. Bowling helps strengthen your fingers, forearm, bicep, tricep, and shoulder. Although you can really only work out your bowling arm, you can just skip that arm the next time you go to the gym!

Improve your Social Life

If you are ready to take your game to the next level, you should join a bowling league in Vancouver! Bowling leagues are a great way to improve your skills and meet new friends at the same time. There are many open social leagues you can join where people don’t take the game too seriously and use it to hang out with friends for a few hours. Of course, if you want to better yourself every week, you can join a more competitive league, but the comradery and friendships remain the same, at the end of the day, people in leagues are just looking to have fun bowling!