You may think you do not need to warm up before a game of bowling, but you would be mistaken. Bowling involves repetitive motions and great dexterity to perform well. Excellent form and limber muscles are necessary to come out on top in a tournament or amongst your friends. Stretching before your first throw is an excellent way to loosen up the muscles in your legs and arms. You will need to launch your ball with accuracy at around 30 kilometers per hour to get the best results.


You should begin by using the sitting area to stretch your legs. Do smooth and slow stretches to work the major muscle groups in your legs. Stretch your hamstrings until your legs feel warm and stimulated. Your legs should feel relaxed since you will be bending your knees when sliding and releasing your bowling ball. Relaxed and stretched legs are less likely to become strained when you take a long stride just before the foul line.

Aerobic exercise is an effective way to be healthy and keep leg muscles strong. It involves slow and smooth stretches that can improve your footwork and give your strides better tempo. Keep your body relaxed throughout the game. Anxiety can cause tension in your muscles, which tightens them. Stiff muscles will not move as consistently as relaxed muscles.


You should incorporate similar strategies with your arm muscles. Aerobic exercises will work well with your upper body as well. Start by rolling our shoulders forwards and backwards before you begin your game. Rotate your arms one at a time, swinging them in a circular motion slowly and smoothly. Do that forwards and backwards to loosen your shoulder sockets and major muscles in your arms. This movement will get your blood flowing better before you bowl.

Extend your arm across your body while bending your other arm and resting the stretched arm on it. Do this for each arm to loosen shoulder muscles for your throw. Even though you likely throw primarily with one arm, you should still stretch both equally. You should also loosen your wrists, hands, and ankles before you begin your game – especially if it is cold outside. Cool temperatures can cause our bodies to become stiffer.

It is also a good idea to practice swinging the ball before you throwing it. You could then try doing a “mini-release” into your free hand. This quick warm-up will help you get a better feel for the ball and ensure the ball you have chosen feels comfortable.


As you start to bowl, remember to open and close your hands between rounds to keep the blood flowing in them and stretch your fingers. You should also throw your first four to five deliveries at half speed and gradually build up to full speed. That way you will develop a consistent tempo and good releasing action. Develop a pre-shot routine like the pros by stretching between shots. You will reduce your chances of injury and bowl a better game. Be just as precise with your warm-up routine as you want to be with your shots.

As with any activity, consider consulting your doctor or physician about warming up properly. If you want more pointers on how to bowl a better game, stop by Bowl BC. We have a dedicated team of bowling enthusiasts that would love to show you a trick or two.