Adult Programs


In any month throughout the bowling season, tournaments take place for everyone! Some for the beginner, some for the novice, and some for the pro!

The following is just a small sample of the tournaments you can take part in if you join a league at your local bowling centre:

Bowl Canada Cup
5 & 10 Pin
Bowl BC Team Challenge
5 Pin
Hawaiian Pick a Partner
5 Pin
Bert Hill Senior Classic 55+
5 Pin
400 Club
5 Pin
World Cup
10 Pin
Club 55 Cup
5 Pin

Tournament Basics

In order to compete in any tournament an individual must bowl in a league in a member centre of the Bowling Proprietors’ Association of B.C., with the exception of any BC 5 Pin Bowlers’ Association event.

Tournaments fall into two categories: handicap and scratch. Generally speaking a “handicap” tournament is one in which bowlers are allowed or given a number of points per game to be added to their individual score depending on their average.

To establish an average a bowler is required to bowl a minimum number of games in regular league play. However, in five pin bowling the format differs somewhat in that winners are declared on the basis of number of points bowled over established averages which amounts to being given a 100% handicap.

Any type of handicap system enables beginners and average bowlers to successfully compete against more skilful bowlers.

A “scratch” tournament is one where no handicap is given and is usually comprised of high average or “classic” bowlers. Complete rules governing any tournament may be obtained from your local bowling centre or the Bowl BC office.