Foundation Statements


The following foundation statements reflect the vision that the Bowling Proprietors’ Association of BC has for the sporting activity of bowling in British Columbia, and the beliefs and values that consistently shape and determine the programs and services provided for member centres, their bowlers, coaches, officials and volunteers, and the staff of the Association.

Mission Statement

To help deliver the competitive and recreational aspects of the sport of bowling to all British Columbians.

Vision Statement

For the sporting activity of bowling to provide all British Columbians with the opportunity to participate in a sport for life that promotes the physical literacy, mental and emotional well-being of the individual.

The sporting activity of bowling in British Columbia is:

  1. Member-based, service-oriented, participant-centered and volunteer-dependent;
  2. Accessible to people of all ages, skill levels and abilities;
  3. Conducted in a safe and ethical environment
  4. Organized effectively with collaboration and accountability
  5. A contributor to community life in the Province;
  6. Delivered by qualified leaders, and
  7. Structured to encourage and foster relationships.