Health Benefits of Bowling

Health Benefits of Bowling

If you are a casual bowler, you may not realize it, but bowling has a lot of health benefits if you bowl on a regular basis.

From an outsider’s perspective, they may just think that bowling only involves drinking and eating while taking a break every so often to roll a ball down the lane in hopes of getting a strike. Once you start taking the sport more seriously, you will start to see the many benefits that bowling has on your health. Read below to see a few of those benefits.

Great Stress Reliever

After a long day of work, there is nothing better than getting together with a group of friends to throw heavy bowling balls down a lane at some unassuming pins. Bowling allows you to catch up with old friends if you have all been busy with work and family, and just let go of all your troubles as you get into your game. You can also add some friendly competition or just laugh the night away as you toss your ball into the gutter!

Increase your Hand-Eye Coordination

If you have never gone bowling, you may not know that the sport does help you improve your hand-eye coordination and help with problem solving skills. There is a lot of strategy involved with the game as well. If you don’t get a strike on your first toss, you have to determine the best place to throw your ball from to ensure you clean up the spare. If you are left with a split, you have to figure out if you can bank your ball off a top pin to redirect it to the remaining pin(s) or if you can ricochet a pin to get a pesky corner pin to secure your spare. You hand-eye gets improved because you have to be looking down the lane while figuring out when to release the ball to make sure it goes where you want it to go.

Strengthens your Muscles

Bowling balls are heavy. You will potentially be picking one up then rolling it down the lane up to 21 times in a game. If you play more than one game, you will be working your arm out a lot. Bowling helps strengthen your fingers, forearm, bicep, tricep, and shoulder. Although you can really only work out your bowling arm, you can just skip that arm the next time you go to the gym!

Improve your Social Life

If you are ready to take your game to the next level, you should join a bowling league in Vancouver! Bowling leagues are a great way to improve your skills and meet new friends at the same time. There are many open social leagues you can join where people don’t take the game too seriously and use it to hang out with friends for a few hours. Of course, if you want to better yourself every week, you can join a more competitive league, but the comradery and friendships remain the same, at the end of the day, people in leagues are just looking to have fun bowling!

Why Bowling is a Great Date Idea?

Why Bowling is a Great Date Idea?

Going on a first date can be a little bit stressful and finding the perfect place to go can be hard. Traditional first date ideas may include a dinner and a movie or going out for a drink. These can be fun, but going to a movie doesn’t leave room to talk while going for dinner could lead to some unwanted silences if you run out of things to talk about.

If you are looking for a different way to get to know your date, then going bowling is a fun, out of the box idea for your first date! Bowling is a fun, relaxed way to spend quality time with somebody that you may be meeting for the first time. Keep reading to learn more about how bowling is a great date idea.

Have something to talk about right away

Bowling can spark many conversations. You can talk about stories you had bowling with your friends or family, or you can talk about how you haven’t bowled in years and might be rusty. Talking about bowling will break the ice and open up more dialogue during your date.

Gain more comfort

Bowling is a great way to get closer to your date. Whether it’s high fiving after sparing a hard split, sitting close to them and talking between rounds, or showing them different techniques, there are many opportunities to feel more close and comfortable with your date.

Many different activities

Most bowling alleys will feature an arcade, pool tables, and even a restaurant with a bar. After your bowling rounds and you and your date are having a great time, stop for some food then head to the arcade to continue playing some fun games.


Bowling is a very casual setting, so you don’t have to dress to the nines like you might if you go to a fancy restaurant. Shoes and bowling balls will be provided, so all you need to bring is your confidence and smile to make a good impression on your date! Some bowling alleys allow you to eat and drink at your lane, so you don’t even have to move around if you do decide to get food or drinks!

Get to know your date deeper

Bowling can give more of an insight into the person you are going on a date with. Since bowling can be both casually and competitively played, you can pick up on some traits. For example, does your date smile and laugh when they accidentally roll their ball into the gutter or do they get fired up when they get a turkey. Bowling can be a great way to see if your date is more laid back and care-free or if they thrive off of competition and always yearning for more!

If you are looking to have a fun first date in a pressure-free environment, roll over to Bowl BC! We have bowling alleys all over Vancouver including Fraser Valley, Lower Mainland, Northwest BC, Okanagan, and Vancouver Island. Call us at 604-522-2990 or email us at to book your lane today!

National Fund Incentive Prize Draw

On March 4 in Langley/Surrey at the Youth Bowl Canada Championships Provincial finals victory banquet all bowlers who sold 2 cases of chocolates for the National fund campaign their names will be put into a draw to win one of six $100 Walmart Gift Cards.

Congratulations to Chloe Moniz from Brechin Lanes, Nanaimo for being the top seller in the Province. Chloe sold 13 cases of National Fund product and was awarded the certificate for top sell and a $100 Walmart gift card.

The 6 prize draws of $100 Wal Mart gift cards were won by:
Shakayla Hancher, Lincoln Lanes, Vernon
Dean Florell, Nechako Lanes, Prince George
Will Peters, Nechako Lanes, Prince George
Spencer Ponto, Nechako Lanes, Prince George
Kyle Duemo, Scottsdale Lanes, Surrey
Peyton Pettigrew, Smithers Bowl, Smithers

Thank you to all YBC members who helped sell the National Fund product. Because of these sales we are able to offer a first class Provincial Championships & Banquet.

BC Bowls for Kids

Thank you British Columbia Proprietors and bowlers for once again showing your heart in support of the BC Bowls for Kids campaign and Variety, The Children’s Charity.  This year we were able to donate $63,000 on behalf of bowlers, proprietors and friends!  Without your support there would be no campaign!  This very worthwhile organization deserves a huge thank you for all the wonderful work they do here in British Columbia to help families & children in need.  Thank you Variety and all your volunteers!

National Fund Incentive Prizes

On March 4 in Langley/Surrey at the Youth Bowl Canada Championships Provincial finals victory banquet all bowlers who sold 2 cases of chocolates for the National fund campaign their names will be put into a draw to win one of six $100 Walmart Gift Cards. Good luck! Check back here buy ambien from canada after the Provincial Finals for a list of the winners.

Thank you to all YBC members who helped sell the National Fund product. Because of these sales we are able to offer a first class Provincial Championships & Banquet.

BC Bowls for Kids

Thank you to all the supporters of BC Bowls for Kids campaign. Thanks to all of your contributions we donated a cheque at the Show of Hearts Telethon for $61,000!

On March 5th the draw was made for those who raised $30 or more for the 3 night trip for 4 to Disneyland, California. Congratulations to Elizabeth Wilson of Miracle Lanes, Sidney!

Hawaiian Pick-A-Partner Provincials Finals

Good luck to all the bowlers advancing to the Provincial Finals of the Hawaiian Pick-A-Partner event. The Provincial finals will be at Port Coquitlam Bowl, Port Coquitlam – February 20th starting at 2:00 pm. Prize Pool consists of a trip for two to Hawaii or $1500 in cash to each member of the team as well there will be prizes for 2nd place ($150 each) and 3rd place ($100 each). Good luck to everyone!

Youth Bowl Championships

Congratulations to all the successful 5 & 10 Pin youth bowlers who will advance from their Regions to the Provincial finals. The 10 Pin Provincial Finals will take place at Town N Country Bowl, Vancouver on February 27th and the 5 Pin Provincial finals will be held at Bowlertime 5 Pin Centre, Kamloops (Bantam & Junior Division teams), Falcon Lanes, Kamloops (Senior Division teams and senior division singles) and Village Lanes Fun Centre, Chase (Bantam & Junior Division singles). Good luck to everyone advancing!

BC Bowls for Kids

Thank you to all the bowling centres and bowlers who supported this year’s campaign. Presentation of the cheque to Variety, The Children’s charity was done on Sunday, February 14th. Ken Hayden, BC Bowls for Kids chair, Norm Grohmann, Honorary chair and Jamie Leonardo our past poster boy presented the cheque on behalf of the bowlers – $61,000! way to go BC!

Youth Bowl Canada Championships

Good Luck to all 5 Pin teams players advancing to the Zone finals this weekend Feb. 13th & 14th competing for a spot to advance to the Provincial Championships in Chase & Kamloops on March 5th.

10 Pin singles bowlers are also bowling in zones this weekend looking to advance to their Provincial Championships in Vancouver on February 27th.

Good luck to everyone – good bowling & have fun!