Bowling With Spin Technique vs. The Straight Ball

Bowling is a great activity that’s fun for families and friends but for many people, it’s a serious sport in which specific techniques must be applied to bowl properly. This is particularly true when it comes to throwing the ball because there are different ways of doing it and the style in which you throw can determine your success when bowling.

The straight ball is a fairly straightforward technique, much like the name suggests. This style requires the bowler to release the ball in a straight manner so that the ball can travel down the lane in a straight line and reach the pins. This is the technique that most beginners use because it’s a great way of getting a feel of the sport until they get a better understanding of which style they prefer. If you’re using house balls at the bowling alley, the straight ball is the style you should use as it works best with those balls specifically.

The second style is the spin technique and this requires more skill and practice in order to achieve it. Professional bowlers use this technique and it is quite an impressive thing to see. In order to learn and apply this technique, you will need your own personal bowling ball because the only way to achieve a successful spin is to have a ball that is fitted to your hand; otherwise, you will not be able to do it. A spin ball will provide you with a better angle towards the area of the pins and will lead to a lot more strikes when compared to the straight ball technique.

Certain skills are required in order for a bowler to achieve the right spin and the first thing to know is that you do not have to spin your wrist or turn your whole arm sideways to do this. Instead, you will have to swing your arm smoothly much like a pendulum to achieve the perfect release that will generate a spin. A good spin occurs when the bowler’s fingers are released from the ball in the proper manner, which requires quick removal of the middle and ring fingers up and to the side of the ball to allow the bowling ball to spin. Once the ball has been released, your arm should be pointing up and towards the pins, which will help the ball reach the target.

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