Bowling Tips to Improve Your Game

Bowling Tips to Improve Your Game

Bowling is one of the most family-friendly sports. A healthy child can start bowling from the age of 4 – 5. Bowling can be enjoyed as a social sport any time of the year. Just round-up your friends and bond over bowling pins, scores and strikes. For those who are socially shy, this is the perfect game to break the ice. There are no conversations required. Simply join in, share laughs between strikes and a spirited game that you can talk about for days, until the next game.

Ten-pin bowling stimulates the mind in various ways. It helps you focus, stay alert and make math enjoyable. Like all other games, it’s more fun when you start winning more often. Of course, practice makes perfect but there are a few ways to get the edge faster. Check these tips and get on a winning spree.

Heavy Bowling Ball

The right bowling ball makes a big difference in your game. It needs to fit your hand snugly and feel heavy for a good throw, accurate throw. Make sure it is a high-quality ball with a good straight roll. Lighter balls are harder to aim straight.

Practice in a League

It helps to join a league that allows you regular practice with other bowling enthusiasts for you to improve your game. Practice makes perfect, you must have heard. But the trick is to practice with players in a group who have a good mix of skills. This way, you bond with the players who are on the same level as you and learn from the ones who are better. Take time off from your daily activities to play regularly with your league. Don’t be afraid to try new techniques or test a new ball.

Focus on Spares

Don’t feel pressured to take all of the pins down at once. Picking up spares when practicing prepares you for the big strike later. It will help you score higher as well. As you practice, you are bound to get better in your technique and improve your scores.

Train with a Bowling Coach

If you are serious about your game and think you were born to excel, hire a bowling coach to get better, faster. This way, you will master the right techniques in no time, bowl with style and win effortlessly. A bowling coach will familiarize you about techniques that you never considered before, such as reading the oil conditions of the lanes.

Bowl B.C.

Whether you want a casual game with friends or looking to improve your technique, Bowl B.C. is the place for you. We are open to everyone of all ages and all skill levels, offering programs and services at our member centres, complete with bowlers, coaches, officials and volunteers to help deliver competitive and recreational bowling to all British Columbians. Have a look at our website to find out more about membership and coaching classes.